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Three Shows - One Evening

An incredible evening!

We present to you 3 wonderful shorts, they are as different as they are diverse. Every piece lasts around 30 minutes.

The Shorts with HURyCAN, KIRN Compagnie & Jörg Müller


In «Asuelto» four dancers perform and talk about their understanding of life, their observation of reality. If we understand life as an organism, as a moving body, then it becomes magical, tangible and sensitive, is beautiful and ugly at once - but above all: alive.

These bodies meet and begin to listen to each other. Their encounter creates a lively, powerful dance in which they attract each other, tear apart and manipulate each other – passionately, playful and tender, laughing and screaming. «Asuelto» is about what makes us human: our strengths and weaknesses, our ugliness and beauty.

"A hard choreography, in the truest sense of the word, with great force, dazzling in execution and with an ingenious staging"Andrés Collado, Platea Magazine

«Asuelto», celebrated by the international press, is an award-winning dance performance whose mesmerizing physicality has convinced us to include it in this year's short program. HURyCAN was founded in 2013 with the meeting of ArtHUR Bernard Bazin and CANdelaria Antelo. It is a project of creation and human interaction that confirms movement as a communicative need.


In "Tricot" the two brothers Lucas & Théo Enriquez share the stage with infinite joy and humour and explore the space, their intimacy and their relation as brothers. They know each other by heart, they have fun, they dance together, they cohabit. Even if sometimes the tension is felt, it is full of love that they share the scene.

The scene is a closed space in which the environment will play tricks, forcing them to find solutions, to find harmony. Wonderfully fluent and breathtakingly acrobatic, it's a research on the movement of the body and of two bodies, which fit together. "Tricot" impresses with an exceptional research, movement quality and rhythm that is second to none.

Théo and Lucas have recently graduated from the university of circus arts in Brussels and present to us their first own production.


« Mobile » is a timeless dance, a moment of pure poetry. Seemingly floating, five long metal tubes hang in the silent space. Quietly Jörg Müller enters the room.

In a continuous dialogue and dance, Jörg Müller moves with and between these hanging, flying and floating tubes, which, when they meet or are struck by him, sound like a gigantic carillon.

Sometimes drunkenly circling, sometimes whirling stormily, sometimes silently and sometimes sounding, he and the tubes paint a unique, hypnotic and performative work of art.

"Jörg Müller's juggling planetary carousel fascinates and hypnotises: the fluidity of the hanging tubes, which draw circles and whose encounter, through their telluric sound, imitates the fear and beauty of a cosmic shock ..."
​Blaise Merlin, "La voix est libre"

Jörg Müller, juggler and dancer, graduated in 1994 from the Ecole Supérieure des Arts du Cirque at Châlons en Champagne / France. For more than 20 years, Jörg Müller has researched and experimented with the concept of juggling, developing his very own form. His works helped found the development of contemporary circus and revolutionized the conception and perception of juggling. Jörg tours worldwide with various performances.
Wed 28.08.2019   Berlin
Tempelhofer Feld
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