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Cirk La Putyka

"ADHD" is grotesque circus, poetry and painting ... as well as love, the search for balance and dark rage. A journey into the heads of the "others".

In this visually stunning spectacle, Cirk La Putyka tells a graceful and profound story about the so-called disease ADHD. The artists take us on a journey into the depths of human emotions: a mind-blowing firework on stage and in the head that inspires and touches.

On a rotating and tilting stage, director Rostislav Novák Jr. brings together eight extraordinary circus artists from five countries to do everything on stage - except to be normal!

Don’t be normal! What if we considered ADHD not as a disease but as a new quality of life?

Cirk la Putyka is a shining star on the sky of contemporary circus in Europe. Under the direction of Rostislav Novák Jr., new and innovative pieces are created in their own studios in Prague, filled with dedication and creativity.

It was Cirk la Putyka who opened the very first Berlin Circus Festival in 2015 with their show "Slapstick Sonata". We are all the happier to have them back in Berlin for our birthday.

"« ADHD » absorbs the viewers, gobbles and affects them. The performers are working in a perfect concentration, honestly and positively and with unbelievable pleasure. Excellent music and the lighting design help to evoke the theme in question." Hana Galiová, Taneční aktuality

​"« ADHD » is one of the best, if not the best, pieces that Rostislav Novák Jr. has created. He achieved a higher quality of the contemporary circus as a means that perfectly articulates the theme." Radmila Hrdinová, Právo

"Cirk La Putyka made hyperactivity attractive. «ADHD» originates from very bottom of heart." Tomáš Šťástka, MF Dnes
Fri 23.08.2019   Berlin
Tempelhofer Feld
19.50 €
Reduced for children, students, unemployed, handicapped, retired people
15.00 €
Discount tickets need to be validated with corresponding verification. Please show at entrance. If validation is not possible at admission, margin has to be settled at box office.
Kids up to 12 years
9.00 €
For Babys the entry is free.
Admission: 16:00 –  Starts at: 20:00 –  How to get there
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