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Three Shows - One Evening I 28. - 29.8.

An incredible evening!

We present to you 3 wonderful shorts, they are as different as they are diverse. Every piece lasts around 30 minutes and allow you to enjoy all the brilliant facets of the contemporary circus.


I am trash. Will someone pick me up? Or should I just take myself out? Trashtrapeze is a call to dive past and dump the prejudices to meet other people as they are, while introducing explosive and unique circus techniques on triple trapeze, cloud swing and dance trapeze.

The trio that originally met and graduated in Brussels, at the renowned National Circus University, presents us a riot-girl pop song, combining the power of punk with risk and flare. Fans of last year's show Sisus Sirkus will love the Wisefools.

In the last four years, they have developed their own technique, in which two female catchers swing and throw one flyer. In January 2015, they won a silver medal at the prestigious Festival Mondial du Cirque de Demain in Paris. After engagements at Cirque du Soleil, several German GOPs and various street art festivals in Korea, Spain and Israel, we are thrilled to welcome the Wisefools in Berlin.


Two people – obviously different, obviously similar – meet in a special situation: on stage. Without speaking, they talk, play complex games with simple rules. Games that require listening, games that require respect. Games that can be manipulated. Rules that can be broken. The audience is their chorus, a chorus that watches, emphasizes the actions, takes sides - constantly part of the reality happening on stage.

With much creativity Ariane Oechsner and Roxana Küwen merge foot-juggling and movement research into a show that speaks an abstract language of pictures and games, depicting everyday life. Their games on stage and with the audience reflect on status and social manipulation.

Since their graduation from professional circus and theatre schools the two performers astonish, confuse or amaze their audience by playing with categories and presence, moving in their own way and not taking themselves too seriously.


"Two incredible circus artists, Voleak Ung and Vincent Brière: Their hypnotic physical conversation, of great visual force, offers us to see the beastly beauty of the world through a sort of mating dance that is as sensual as it is violent." Justina Zilyte - Lagrandeparade.fr

In an obscure light, a mysterious entity faces us. This chimera mutates, moves and interacts with its environment. An intimate evolution follows. Optical illusions and morphing apparitions captivate the audience until it is revealed that the entity in fact is two bodies.

Sensual, disturbing, brutal and fragile, Phasmes invents its own acrobatic language, developped from the raw, tactile and transmutable body, to question the place of humans in nature. The performers' virtuosity multiplies the possibilities, inverting natural forces with games of balance and symmetry in search of a common centre of gravity.
Tue 28.08.2018   Berlin
Tempelhofer Feld
19.50 €
Reduced for children, students, unemployed, handicapped, retired people
14.00 €
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Kids up to 12 years
9.00 €
For Babys the entry is free.
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